y name is Sissy Adramitli. 
I am the owner of Soul Guardian kennels which is located in Greece.
I am the President and member of Bulldog Club of Greece, member of the board and member of the judge commitee of the Kennel Club of Greece, member of the Bulldog Club Uk and the Bulldog Club of Finland.
Because of the love to dogs I work in a vet clinic.
I am also an FCI judge for Bulldogs (of course!), FCI Group 3, FCI Group 9, all Greek breeds and now I am going through the procedure to be able to judge the biggest FCI group 2.  
I bought my first bitch, just as a pet. When I got in touch with this special breed, I decided to have one more, a male. Now, my heart and my house are full of bulldogs. 
To this day I have owned and co-owned many dogs, each one different but wonderful, all loved the same way. I am dedicated only to this breed and try my best for the improving and good health of my dogs. I show my bulldogs, in Greece and abroad and have some great wins with my kids.
I am very proud of them and as you will see surfing the site, they are ALL WONDERFUL !!!!! 
One detail for advice..... when someone get to know a bulldog he never will change this dog for another breed. As the poem says, a bulldog has all the advantages someone can ask in a dog...... 

The good old British bulldog he lives at peace with all.
But when that peace is challenged
he answers to the call !!!
And woe behind the fella
Who wants more than his due
then its "Goodbye old umbrella"
I've a spot of work to do !!!
Life is a circle, where only strong and truth friendships can keep this circle going. No matter loose or win, if you and your dog feel happy then you are always a winner " .
" I would like to say a big thanks to my mental teachers in bulldogs 
Dr. John Natrass and Vicky Collins-Natrass for their knowledge they always willingly give me and their warm hugs.
And last but not least to my dear friend & webmaster Ewa Larsson who is for me a " present of God to humans ". 
She is creating masterpieces with her hands and her heart..............!!!!!!!!!"